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Ashley Bundis, CEO of Glitter Sparkle LLC, boasts a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the entertainment and non-profit sectors, including holding esteemed marketing director positions at leading organizations.

Six years ago, Ashley founded Glitter Sparkle LLC to continue her mission of driving impact and growth. Specializing in empowering purpose-driven organizations to shine brighter, the firm offers strategic marketing solutions that drive fundraising, boost memberships, increase revenue, and achieve lasting success. With a rich background of collaborating with over 40 non-profits, actively participating on three boards, and serving a diverse clientele of non-profits, start-ups, and female entrepreneurs, Ashley brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Through an innovative and strategic marketing approach, Ashley and Glitter Sparkle LLC help clients make a lasting impact in their respective industries, whether in personal development, social good, or business growth.

The firm's commitment to driving positive change and creating meaningful differences establishes them as a leader in marketing for social good, dedicated to making organizations dazzle and thrive, leaving a lasting legacy of success and impact.
As an extension of your team, our Fractional CMOs draw on Glitter Sparkle's full resources and expertise. We provide on-demand access to marketing management, content development, design, and technical talent. This allows us to cost-effectively execute marketing strategies that deliver real impact.


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