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The new J Los Angeles is alive and vibrant. It is as culturally and ethnically diverse as the city it names. Its name is sweeping in its geographic reach and is broad in its inclusivity. There is space for everyone to be who they are at the new J Los Angeles.


J Los Angeles


Branding, Marketing, Website Design, Social Media


March 17, 2022

Tasked with a full rebrand and new positioning as the central hub for Jewish life in LA

Executed comprehensive visual rebrand across all assets - new logo, marketing materials, visual displays

Overhauled messaging and campaigns across platforms - website, social media, print materials

Developed integrated strategy to reimagine communications and engagement 

Created clear, consistent brand narrative and visual identity

Leveraged insights to effectively convey programs, initiatives, and community impact

Implemented new marketing systems and communications channels to attract donors from various generations and drive more impactful outreach

Drove modern, engaging website redesign to showcase offerings, and improve user experience 

Focused on broadening the audience and attracting new members/supporters

Maintained continuity for an existing base while bringing in new LA Jewish community fans

Comprehensive rebrand empowered the organization and revitalized community engagement

Ongoing partnership to evolve messaging and identify new opportunities

Overall, successfully led full rebranding and revamped marketing initiatives to reposition the organization as a premier hub for Jewish life in LA for both existing and new audiences across generations.

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