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Branding, UIUX Design, Social Media


Glitter Sparkle marketing and branding efforts for JBorhood:

Successfully led comprehensive marketing and branding strategy for new JBorhood initiative in Dallas

Helped drive community excitement and engagement, with over 150 interested individuals in just the first week 

Garnered hundreds more responses and growing social media engagement in months after launch

Created noticeable buzz and impact within the target Dallas Jewish community  

Delighted funders with progress and results of marketing efforts 

Attracted interest from potential new supporters looking to get involved

Empowered and united the broader Jewish community in Dallas beyond just J members  

Aligned marketing messaging and strategy with JBorhood's mission of bringing together and engaging diverse Jewish community

Executed targeted outreach and campaigns to inspire Jewish individuals to connect and build relationships

Strategically leveraged events and programs throughout the Dallas area to increase awareness and participation

Continues to build enthusiasm and momentum for shaping the future success of this community initiative

Overall, led a successful integrated marketing and branding strategy that drove impressive engagement and interest in the new JBorhood program from the target Dallas Jewish community.

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