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The Goalden System


Branding, UIUX Design, Social Media


Here are some key highlights I would include in the work portfolio about Glitter Sparkle's rebranding and marketing efforts for The Goalden System:

The Goalden System came to Glitter Sparkle with brand identity and messaging challenges. Consumers were unclear about their offerings and target audience.

GS conducted research to deeply understand The Goalden System's unique value proposition, services, and ideal customer base. 

Leveraged insights to rebrand and reposition The Goalden System as experts in executive functioning, goal-setting, organization, and productivity.

Created consistent and compelling new brand aesthetic across all touchpoints.

Launched an integrated strategic marketing campaign with engaging and informative messaging. 

Clearly conveyed The Goalden System's expertise in helping both individuals and organizations optimize productivity.

Suggested targeted digital ads, social media, PR outreach, and events to connect with potential new clients.

Campaign successfully increased consumer awareness and interest in The Goalden System.

Expanded client base to include school districts along with individual professionals and companies. 

Ongoing marketing efforts continue to drive understanding, utilization, and new partnerships.

The Goalden System now has a strong brand foundation and strategy to support continued growth.

In summary, Glitter Sparkle's rebranding and targeted marketing campaign transformed The Goalden System's stagnant brand into an engaging and clearly defined market leader in their space.

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